How do I activate my activation code?

--Click the Add button in the Activetion key area to activate a Security Server using an activation code. Next, pick the Enter activation code option in the newly opened window. Finally, click Next after entering the activation code in the text boxes.

What is an online activation code?

--You'll need an activation code when you first sign up for Online Banking or re-register. Your security number and password for online access are generated or reset using this.

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Developer’s Description

Manage your proxy settings with 1 click. 1ClickProxy allows you to quickly turn your proxy on and off in Internet Explorer (IE) and make other quick proxy changes. This product is for you if: You travel frequently; You use your laptop both at home and work; You find it cumbersome to change your proxy settings in Internet Explorer; You are tired of this process: …go to the Tools menu…then Internet Options…then Connections…then LAN Settings…
The simplest VPN for Chrome with one click activation. Unblock websites and browse anonymous with secure VPN connection
It's a free VPN without registration, credit cards and ads. In this way, we also ensure overall private and anonymous usage with premium security against hackers, data-snoopers, unauthorized surveillance or DDoS attacks.

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1clickVPN for Chrome is the fastest and easy in using Proxy service starts working by one click in your browser. The friendly design allows you to change the current IP address by choosing another country from the list right in the extension to unlock websites that are prohibited in your location. 

It's fully free VPN without registration, credit cards and ads. In this way, we also ensure overall private and anonymous usage with premium security against hackers, data-snoopers, unauthorized surveillance or DDoS attacks.

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Privacy Policy - https://1clickvpn.net/privacy

What is VPN and whom it will be helpful to. Introduction about private internet connection and areas of its use. Most common questions.
What is a VPN connection?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that connects you to the encrypted secure network across the publick network connection. VPN masks the real IP address and location by creating a secure internet connection over a public wi-fi network. VPN is good for anonymously and privately browsing the web as VPN encrypts data with modern protocols. 

VPNs use virtual connections to create a private network. During the usage of a public wi-fi, VPN helps to keep your data safe from hackers and malware and protect data from unauthorized access.

How does VPN work?

VPN sends your data through the encrypted tunnel that makes your connection private and securely. While you connect to one of our remote servers your real ip address is masked and all data goes securely to the final destination. 

VPN connection broadens a private network over a public network and allows users to send and receive requests over public networks as if their computers are directly connected to the private network.

Is it safe to use a VPN connection?

VPN connection uses the modern data encryption protocols. One of the main VPN functions is to encrypt user data and browsing history to protect them from hackers and ISPs. The core feature of a VPN is to hide real IP addresses of users and prevent anyone from tracking their online activity.

Why do I need to use a virtual private network?

VPNs are good in protecting your data or masking real location when watching a movie from a streaming website that is prohibited in your country. A VPN connection hides your data traffic online and protects it from unwanted access. While you browse without a VPN connection the data can be viewed by anyone who has an intention to see it. With VPN, hackers and intruders cannot decrypt this data.

Can I use a VPN server privately?

VPN service provides private browser sessions, as with VPN connection your online activity is not stored or tracked and your IP address and physical location are hidden. All data and requests you send via encrypted network tunnel is securely shield from hackers and illegal trackers. Secure VPN connection protects a user’s activity while they browse the internet.

Is it legal to connect to VPN?

Using Virtual private networks is legal and acceptable in the majority of countries. Big corporations often use the VPN to connect their employers to a private network for secure data transmitting and connecting them remotely to any sources. Anyway, you should use private networks according to the law and avoid illegal activity on the internet.
Protect your online privacy at working place and school
Are you worried about someone is cyberstalking and decrypting your personal information, IP Address, browsing history, passwords, or even your transaction record? Now it’s time to eliminate these troubles. VPN Proxy Master will protect your online privacy in every aspect. No matter whether you are at working place, school, or home, VPN Proxy Master protects your online privacy in every aspect. Our key features, including AES 256-bit encryption, a no-log policy and more are aimed to protect your online privacy.
Unfold your way of productivity and connection
Sometimes a limited and slow internet connection could really decelerate your productivity. That is, you need a reliable, stable and speedy internet connection to boost your productivity and improve your ways of connection. The consistent speed provided by VPN Proxy Master gives you the peace of mind to work and study in a concentrated way. Our 6000+ servers in 50+ countries allow you to contact and connect with people anytime, anywhere on all the sites including Facebook, Zoom, Whatsapp, Gmail, and much more.
Access to any website and content you’ve always wanted to reach
It’s time to take back your control of internet access. With over 6000 servers in 50+ countries, VPN Proxy Master gives you a refreshing way to experience the internet. You can unblock all geo-blocked content and websites anytime, anywhere at a consistent speed by using VPN Proxy Master. You can unblock all the contents and websites including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN and much more. Watch your favorite movies, shows, dramas, live sports and more anytime with VPN Proxy Master.
Play your favorite games without speed and geo-blocked limitations
Are you still troubled by IP bans, DDoS attacks, or ISP throttling? Subscribe to VPN Proxy Master and stop worrying about that! VPN Proxy Master not only allows you to enjoy an ultra-fast internet connection for gaming, but also helps you to bypass IP bans, avoid DDoS attacks or ISP throttling, and much more. You can even get access to the newest games before the official launch in your home country by choosing a regional server you want to reach. Subscribe to VPN Proxy Master to upgrade your gaming experiences in just a few steps.
This program is an indispensable part of your armory for safe internet surfing. As cybercrime becomes increasingly sophisticated, the need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential to protect your safety and anonymity online. The VPN market is wide-ranging and varied, but this program makes a solid choice.

Small and powerful

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is one of the smaller virtual private networks, with just over 500 servers worldwide. What this program lacks in size, however, it makes up for in power. VPN Network is a feature-rich product that provides a rugged shield of privacy and protection by encrypting your internet traffic.

Mask your location for safe surfing

A virtual private network is precisely this – a shielded network that masks your activity. You will have a new IP address, and the premium service of many VPNs even allows you to choose your location. One-click, and to the internet eye, it will look like you are sitting at a computer in Australia, instead of in your home office.

The inevitable drawback of many VPNs is that they will impact your connection speed. VPN Unlimited is faster than average, meaning that it leaves a minimal footprint on your browsing experience.

Some users use VPNs to download torrents for music, video, and other files, using BitTorrent, for example. This particular program is geared towards protecting your online security over enabling downloads, which would be useful to bear in mind when selecting the VPN best for your needs. VPN Unlimited offers multiple payment options and tiered pricing, from the standard monthly fee to a lifetime plan.

Ultra-private network

When it comes to protecting your online privacy, VPN unlimited only uses the most robust VPN protocols, which means that it will use the standard OpenVPN for mobile and desktop apps. It uses AES-256 encryption for industry level, and for extra protection, you have IKEv2 available. KeepSolid’s inbuilt Wise technology scrambles the OpenVPN protocol and then directs it to a stable connection.

VPN Unlimited is an excellent choice for users wishing to browse the internet from countries like Turkey, China, and Saudi Arabia, renowned for heavy-handed internet oversight – including monitoring and censoring specific sites. The aforementioned KeepSolid Wise protocol is recommended for a stable connection. The “kill switch” (designed to block your internet if the VPN drops) works better on the macOS apps than the Windows one, however.

Safe doesn’t have to mean slow

KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited performs well on speed tests. UK servers managed to pick up a speed of 60-70Mbps on a 75 Mbps fiber broadband line while cutting down the rate by five to six percent on regular VPN speeds.

Furthermore, the same test was repeated for a U.S. location, and the results were nothing less than remarkable. The rate came out to be 200-300Mbps on a 600Mbps line. The impressive speeds stood out all the more given the exceptional context of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns, which have impacted the internet worldwide.

Multiple devices

This program is available for Android, iOS 11 or later, Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. VPN Unlimited can be added as a browser extension for Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. In terms of usability, this program is highly user-friendly and straightforward.

As soon as you launch the app, VPN Unlimited will automatically connect to the fastest server. Moreover, you can also select one from the list of servers. You can also save individual servers as favorites for future use, a neat feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

Is VPN Unlimited the best on the market?

Deciding on the “best” VPN is a loaded question. Different virtual private networks will trump others, depending on the individual user’s browsing needs. For pure speed, you may want to check out ExpressVPN, a hugely popular product renowned for its fast connection and friendly customer support through live chat.

IPVanish is the VPN of choice for many users whose primary activity will be downloading torrents. It goes the extra mile to browse below the government radar in countries with heavily regulated internet. IPVanish also offers a trial period so you can test the waters before signing up.

As VPNs go, VPN Unlimited is an impressive all-rounder. It ensures your online safety without compromising on speed. This program offers excellent performance with optimum privacy. It runs on pretty much anything – you can use VPN Unlimited for gaming, run it on five devices simultaneously, and use it to access sites available only in certain countries (such as BBC iPlayer or U.S. Netflix). A neat VPN without breaking the bank, do download it and see for yourself!

How To Install?

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