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DWG DXF Converter is a bi-directional DWG<=>DXF batch converter without AutoCAD. Features: Convert from DWG to DXF. Convert from DXF to DWG. Batch conversion. Support AutoCAD version from R9 to 2016. Stand-alone utility – AutoCAD NOT required. Easy to use

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Quality DWG DXF Converters

DWG DXF Converter an exceptional tool for doing conversions between different software applications (Duality, Softwares and CAD-CAM). DWG stands for digital word by letter. The benefit of DWG is that it allows the viewer to view the file as it is, with no loss of quality or information. It also allows an easy change in the file and view the results as if you had made the changes yourself with your own pen and paper.

DWG DXF Converter will convert DWG files to dxf files. DWG is a trademarked format, so it is safe to assume that any quality DWG of converters will also convert to dxf files. Features: Reduce file size, Speed up the process, Automatic batch conversion, Support DWG version in previous versions of AutoCad, No requirements on computer system, Freely available. There are many other similar programs, which can be freely downloaded. All you need to know is how to identify good quality DWG DXF converter.

The DWG DXF Batching Converter will automatically batch convert DWG files to dxf format and then store in memory the number of transformed DWG files that has been used in producing the result. The batch dwg dxf converters have a fast speed and are quite accurate. They have the ability to retain the original format of the document if the document being worked on is in any text format. This program is designed to produce a hard copy output of the DXF files to ensure that they can be easily read by other software applications, and that they can be freely distributed. It also helps if you have a modern operating system, as it can efficiently process large amounts of data and produce an accurate output.DWG DXF Converter is a bi-directional DWG to DXF file format batch converter without AutoCAD! Features: Convert from DWG to DXF, Convert from DXF to DWG, Batch conversion, Support AutoCAD version from R9 to 2016, Stand-alone utility – AutoCAD NOT required, Easy to use


You can run 3nitySoft DWG DXF Converter 2.2.3 on Win 7 Windows 8,Windows 10 operating systems. 3nitySoft DWG DXF Converter 2.2.3 is a software product developed by 3nity Softwares and it is listed in Graphic & Design category under CAD. 3nitySoft DWG DXF Converter 2.2.3 is licensed as Shareware which means that software product is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. 3nitySoft DWG DXF Converter 2.2.3 was last time updated on Jan 23rd, 2020 to version 2.2.3.

DWG DXF Converter is a bi-directional DWG<=>DXF batch converter without AutoCAD!


  • Convert from DWG to DXF.
  • Convert from DXF to DWG.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Support AutoCAD version from R9 to 2019.
  • Stand-alone utility – AutoCAD NOT required.
  • Easy to use


DWG (“Drawing”) is AutoCAD’s file format, while the Drawing Exchange Format (DFX) replicates DWG data in non-Autodesk platforms.

Compatibility issues and product evolution have led to the point that a good third-party conversion utility is almost mandatory for those who still use DFX. DWG DFX Converter can convert DWG files to DFX and vice versa, singly or in batches, without having to use AutoCAD or other expensive engineering tools.

A great software for converting DWG to DXF files without AutoCAD

Any self-respecting designer or architect must have used AutoCAD before. It is one of the best design software on the market today. However, the fact that the filetype that it uses is so exclusive and specific poses a problem since it compels users to only use AutoCAD when opening these files. What are you going to do if you have to convert DWG to DXF files then without AutoCAD then? 3nity Softwares provide users with a way to do it with the DWG DXF Converter.

First Things First

Since the DWF DXF Converter is meant to convert AutoCAD files with convenience, how easy it is to install and use should be discussed. This program was incredibly easy and quick to install. There was absolutely no fuss involved in the process. All you need to do is download the program, run it, and everything will work perfectly.

The design of the program is similarly to-the-point and no-nonsense. It has no unnecessary decorations that will only cause distraction and confusion for the users. Instead, the design of the program is just the basic white and gray interface the people associate with business and professionalism. The interface is also simple and incredibly intuitive. At the top of the window is where you can choose whether to convert DWG files to DXF files or vice versa. Beside it is a drop-down menu where you can choose the version of AutoCAD that you need. Below that is a window where you’ll be able to view all of the files that you need to convert. Beside that window are the command buttons such as Add Files, Add Folder, Remove Selected, and Remove All. There is a bar below that window where you can choose the location of the output file. Finally, there are three buttons at the bottom for registering, canceling, and converting.

Completely Functional

There’s no denying that this software is completely functional. The conversion process is quick and simple. Just choose the files that need to be converted via the Add Files button. You can also choose to add an entire folder using the Add Folder button. If you want to, you can also choose where the output files will be placed. Once you’re done, just click the convert button and your files will be converted.

The batch conversion feature is probably one of the most useful features in this program since it saves a lot of time. Instead of processing individual files, you’ll be able to convert in just a few easy steps.

Good, If a Bit Limited

The DWG DXF Converter has a specific function and it performs spectacularly. It may not offer anything too amazing, but the only thing that really matters is that it does what it sets out to do. Users will not be confused and in just a few quick steps, they’ll have their converted files immediately.

Author’s review


  • Clean to use

  • Easy to understand

  • Installs with ease

  • Can support most AutoCAD versions


  • Small interface

  • Cannot customize interface

  • Limited functionality

  • Cannot make changes to files

How To Install?

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