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How do I activate my activation code?

--Click the Add button in the Activetion key area to activate a Security Server using an activation code. Next, pick the Enter activation code option in the newly opened window. Finally, click Next after entering the activation code in the text boxes.

What is an online activation code?

--You'll need an activation code when you first sign up for Online Banking or re-register. Your security number and password for online access are generated or reset using this.
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Developer’s Description

By Digital Future
Secret key stroke recorder for Windows (Able Keylogger for Windows). Secretly records all key strokes (entered text) including passwords on any Windows computer; Records for every Windows user; Recorded text is viewed by date using a secret key combination; You can pause then resume key logging; You can delete unneeded logs; Supports all versions of Windows including the latest version of Windows (Administrator user privileges required to install app and to view the logs).

Free Keylogger – Capture Computer Keyloggers

Free Keylogger helps you to monitor all the computer keystrokes which are entered into your Windows®, operating system. You are also able to monitor all computer keyboard actions, such as file transfers, mouse clicks and much more. With a free Keylogger, you can also lock or unlock a particular computer! With a free key logger, you are able to recover deleted files as well.

The Windows Task Manager is a valuable tool which you can use to monitor activities in the background, with free key logger you can easily view all activity in the main interface of the Windows Task Manager. To view all activities in the main interface, first click on the “start” button on the task manager and then click “task manager”. A new window will open and all windows of the program which is running will be displayed. If you want to view all activity, right-click the main frame of the window and choose “task manager”. If you want to select specific actions or commands to be recorded for later use, you just click on the “edit” tab of the edit action dialog box.

Another great feature of the free keylogger is that, it has the ability to save all logs in text and html formats. These HTML and text files can be emailed to your e-mail address or FTP account. Another great option offered by Free Keylogger is to export all captured logs to an Excel or CSV file. All these features and many more are waiting for you to try out with your free keylogger.

Have you ever wondered what people do with your computer while you are away? Who is that strange friend your children have?

Stop wondering, start knowing all the truth. It’s fast, easy and reliable, just install All in One keylogger and set free the spy you have inside you.

All In One Keylogger allows you to register all keystrokes typed including language-specific characters, talk and messages conversations, passwords, e-mails, clipboard information, microphone sounds, screenshots capturing, desktop and Internet activity.

You’ll be able to setup your preferences about sound recording, screen captures, and everything having to do with its tasks. In addition, it will not be shown even if anybody press Ctrl+alt+supr to see the processes running.

With All In One Keylogger you’ll be able to read their chat conversations, look at their e-mails and watch the sites they surfed to.

Secret Key Stroke Recorder for Mac secretly records key strokes (entered text) on any Mac. Records for every Mac user. Recorded text is viewed by date using a secret command and password. You can pause then resume key logging. You can delete unneeded logs.
Security is at the forefront of many user’s minds today. Whatever the reason, you may need to consider using a keylogger on your device. This effectively lets you track any keyboard interaction any user has, meaning unprecedented ability to monitor devices and keep their use secure.

What does All-In-One Keylogger do?

All-In-One Keylogger records every time a key is pressed on the keyboard of the device. It then stores this information, meaning you can later review the use of any device which the software is installed on. It doesn’t matter how the user is using the device – they could be typing a document, entering web addresses or chatting on social media. Whatever they are doing, whenever they are using the device, all activity can be recorded.

Why All-In-One Keylogger?

All-In-One Keylogger has a number of benefits. Firstly, this piece of surveillance software is completely invisible. If you don’t want someone to know that the software is installed, they won’t be able to detect its use. Secondly, it encrypts all the data it harvests securely. If you are handling sensitive or personal information, the last thing you want is it to be accessible to just anyone. And lastly, All-In-One Keylogger is convenient – it sends keylog updates straight to your email.

Author’s review


  • Invisible

  • Secure encryption


  • Expensive

  • Not yet localised for all regions

If the application does not a choice, then I believe the best choice is to block it. Otherwise, you’ll be greeted with toolbars and other programs. which can be akin to malware and viruses. I believe that the antivirus should let users whitelist without difficulty. Cain and Able which are legitimate and which I frequently use for testing, are typically blocked and difficult to whitelist. I think for home AV, it should be blocked by default and have a flag for allowing it. Corporate AV should be chosen during installation in the management console and include props that are reviewed about every six months. Local backups allow you to save the data in a secret file in the system. Keyloggers for Macs have also appeared in the market and are susceptible to being infected by malware. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

I believe that the antivirus should take the extra step of cautiousness and prevent more of this than not, and especially all keyloggers. The virus is not only transmissible but they are also designed to multiply quickly. Personally, I do not think it’s appropriate to categorize it with Wireshark or an angry ISP scanner. Anyone who is concerned about the type of work the computer is employed for, even when they’re not there. To this end, Shadow Keylogger can provide the tools necessary to keep track of keyboard and screen use. Keylogging can bring certain ethical and trust issues on the line.

Every tool has advantages and disadvantages, and when used properly, could be legally used. A variety of keyloggers for commercial use are available on sale, and a large number of these offer a free trial, which can last from a single day to a full month. The majority of these programs are legal, that are designed to track the use and activities of employees as well as people.

Its success has to do with the fact that it goes unnoticed for the user, so nobody will realize that whatever they type in will be registered on a log. In its Windows version, as well as in its edition for Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, you won’t need any advanced knowledge to monitor your activity.


Are you worried about your kids using your computer unaccompanied? Want to find out what your housemates or partner is up to? Active Keylogger Home is designed with you in mind.

This application can be set up to run secretly in the background whenever your system is turned on, and keeps a record of keystrokes and web pages visited. This means that as well as seeing where people are going on the Web, you’ll also be able to pick out sensitive information, such as passwords.

Data is stored by date, and then actions are listed by time, so you can easily see when the computer has been in use. You can also set up email reports, so, for example, you could have emails sent to you at work with the keylog from Active Keylogger Home. Email options are flexible – you can set up email alerts which are sent every time the program is activated, and also set the app to email reports regularly.

With children, if supervision and parental locks are not enough, this is an easy way to see what they have been doing, but it’s not preventative at all. If you are worried that someone is using your system for things they shouldn’t, then Active Keylogger Home can at least give you proof.While Active Keylogger Home is pretty well hidden, the suspicious user might be able to find it, and the log reports are not the most user friendly for this type of program.



Get all keystrokes – even passwords to Email and Facebook accounts! Capture & review all Chats and Instant Messages!
 Email & Facebook
Find out email passwords and get access to email accounts! Get access to Facebook accounts and read all the chats and posts there!
 Screenshots & Websites visited
Make regular screenshots and see what the user sees! Review visited websites and monitor the surfing behavior!
 Remote monitoring
Receive all monitoring data conveniently emailed!

Max keylogger is an all in one keystroke logger & monitoring Software. it is a complete PC surveillance software package, designed to keep track of all keystrokes. In addition to its primary key Capture function it performs as a full-Fledged computer monitoring Software: This unique software allows remote computer monitoring and keylogger recording in real time such as logs Any Password and makes screenshots, tracks Internet sessions etc.

Max keylogger is easy to operate due to its intuitive interface. All things are clear to an end-user. Invisibility is not only one feature, but also keylogging event remains are usually undetected. Max Keylogger solution is the best choice for those do not want to struggle with PC configuration issues and required comprehensive monitoring reports.

How To Install?

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