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Advanced Internet Advertising Manager

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By Ioan Systems

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Are you looking for a simple ad manager plugin? These are the top arguments to use Advanced Ads:

  • approved in publishing and ad optimization since 2009
  • works with all ad types and networks, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP), Amazon ads, or ads
  • most features to test and optimize ads
  • unlimited ad units
  • ads.txt support
  • dedicated ad block for the block editor
  • Google AdSense Partner, who implements all technical changes early and in 100% compliance with the Google AdSense policies
  • the only advertising solution with Ad Health integration and Google AdSense violation checks
  • best rated free support

This is what our users are saying about Advanced Ads:

We use this plugin to deliver rotating ads on a community news site, and it’s great. Both feature-rich and reliable, your imagination is the limit when it comes to the product you want to create for your users. We’ve delivered over a million ad impressions since we launched less than a year ago, using a combination of sidebar, top, sticky and in-content placements — both HTML5 and images. Advanced Ads makes it easy for our small team to deliver a good experience to our users and our advertisers.
mytown304 on

Would you like to know if there is a certain feature, what the optimized setup would be, or how to implement your client’s demands? Just open a thread in the forum!

Advanced Ads allowed us to grow from 0 to 100 MM monthly ad impressions. Benefit from our experience as a publisher and monetize your website today!

Full Feature List.


  • create and display unlimited ad units
  • ad rotation
  • schedule ads and set start time and expiration date
  • target ads by content and user groups
  • inject ads into posts and pages automatically without coding


choose between different ad types that enable you to:

  • insert ads and banners from all ad and affiliate networks (e.g., Google AdSense, Amazon, BuySellAds, Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP), Ezoic,,, Tradedoubler, Awin, Getyourguide, The Moneytizer, Infolinks…)
  • dedicated support for all types of Google AdSense ads, including text and display ads, native ads (In-article, In-feed, matched content), Auto ads, and Auto ads for AMP
  • display images and image banners
  • create content-rich ads with the WordPress TinyMCE editor
  • insert contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • inject HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP code
  • use shortcodes within ads (to also deliver advertisements from another ad plugin like Ad Inserter, AdRotate, Quick AdSense, WP Bannerize, or the Google AdSense Plugin WP QUADS)

    What is Ads Manager?

    Ads Manager is your starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network. It’s an all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing when and where they’ll run and tracking how well your campaigns are performing.

    With the Ads Manager app for iOS and Android, you can keep an eye on your campaign while you’re on the go. Wherever you are, you’ll have the power to create and edit ads, track their performance and manage ad budgets and schedules.

    Key features

    Create brand new ads.

    Select campaign parameters, such as an advertising objective, to fit your business goals. You can also manage creative work: upload your ad creative, write ad copy and review how your ads look on different devices.

    Learn more

    Choose your audience.

    Define your audience for smarter ad targeting. Adjust your target audience to be as broad or well-defined as you like.

    Learn more

    Set up and manage your ad budgets.

    Set an overall budget for your campaigns and whether it applies to each day or to a campaign’s entire lifetime.

    Learn more

    Run ads across multiple apps.

    Automatically extend your ad across Facebook’s family of apps and services with automatic placements to allow our delivery system more flexibility to get you better results.

    Learn more

    Adjust your campaigns.

    Edit your budget, audience, placement options and creative – including editing multiple ads at once. You can always pause, duplicate or relaunch your ad campaigns at any time.

    Learn more

    Improve performance with dynamic creative.

    Automatically deliver personalised ads with dynamic creative. Dynamic creative uses ad components such as images, videos and text, and combines them in ideal ways for your audiences.

    Learn more

    Test which ads perform best.

    Create an A/B test to determine the best target audience, delivery optimisation, placements, creative or product sets for each of your ad campaigns.

    Learn more

    Get real-time insights.

    See if your ads are driving their intended goal with reporting tools. By spotting trends over time, you can identify areas to adjust – such as your image, budget or audience – to improve your campaign performance.

    Powerful Downloader for Android:
    – downloading from internet up to five files simultaneously;
    – accelerated downloading by using multithreading (16 parts)
    – interception of links from android browsers and clipboard;
    – download files in background and resume after failure;
    – loader for images, documents, archives and programs;
    – downloading to SD-card for Lollipop and Marshmallow;
    – smart algorithm for increased speed of downloading;
    – downloading only through the internet on Wi-Fi;
    – boost downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks;
    – changing the maximum speed in real time;
    – video downloader and music downloader;
    – resuming of interrupted downloads;
    – support files larger than 2 gigabyte;
    – parallel download files in queue.Torrent downloader:
    – adding torrent and magnet through Editor, clipboard, browser and file explorer;
    – selection of necessary files and folders, display of their size and type, search by name, sorting;
    – in Right Menu you can filter Torrents and Seeding;
    – in Left menu quick options, in Settings a new section Torrent with all kinds of options;
    – Properties window displays information about torrent, Site Manager supports profiles for them.

    Advanced Settings:
    – interface customization and themes;
    – select the folder for downloaded files;
    – different automatic actions after finishing;
    – save different file types in different folders;
    – create an empty file to accelerate downloading;
    – autostop process if the battery charge level is low;
    – import list of links from a text file on SD-card;
    – autoresume after errors and break of connection;
    – planning start of downloading at right time;
    – turbo mode for speed up downloading;
    – getting size of file and beautiful name;
    – backup list of downloads and settings;
    – profiles for each type of connection;
    – automatic operation on schedule;
    – support quick autoadd download.

How To Install?

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