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Developer’s Description

By AeternaBackup Software
AeternaBackup is a network file backup solution for both enterprise and small business environments. This software allows you to create a central backup server within your own network, which is used by the AeternaBackup client to store its archives. AeternaBackup uses disk-based storage technology, and comes with an easy-to-use interface and many powerful features data compression, incremental backups, and encrypted communication.

AeternaBackup Description:

AeternaBackup is a disk-based backup software solution designed to provide businesses of all sizes a cost-effective and flexible way to protect important data against human error and hardware failure.

Archives created by AeternaBackup are stored on your own backup server in a central location, transmitted over an innovative network backup protocol.

Unlike traditional backup systems that rely on tape drives, AeternaBackup employs a centralized disk-based backup server to store all archives created during a backup process.

With the arrival of low-cost and high-capacity disk drives, disk-based backup solutions are becoming increasingly attractive and offer a great alternative to conventional tape backup.

Once you have installed the AeternaBackup Server Software on one of your servers, any Windows computer within your network can store and retrieve backups by using the AeternaBackup Client.

A custom TCP/IP-based protocol is used for communication between client and server, ensuring reliable performance in a wide variety of network environments.

Since even the largest storage drive has its limits, all backups are created with a user-defined expiry date, which can range from days to years. Once the expiry date has been reached, the archive is automatically purged from the storage area.

AeternaBackup Features:

· Centralized Backup Architecture
AeternaBackup uses a modern multi-threaded client-server model, designed to handle multiple backup and restore operations at the same time. The integrated backup protocol allows it to offer backup and restore functionality to any client machine connected to your network, around the clock. If needed, the backup server can even be located off-site, assuming that a sufficient connectivity is available.
· Database-Powered Backend
The AeternaBackup server software uses a fast and lightweight database engine to store backup metadata, account information and the server configuration.
· Data Compression
The AeternaBackup Client can use a compression algorithm to drastically reduce the size of most backup data, allowing for smaller archive sizes and faster backup runs.
· Unicode Support
AeternaBackup supports Unicode filenames and thus has no problems dealing with filenames that contain foreign characters.
· Versioning
When creating a new backup AeternaBackup preserves the previous backup archive on the server, which means you can revert your backed up file to any point in your backup history. Archives are not deleted from the server until they have passed their expiry date, so you can restore any file from past backups as long as the retention period has not been exceeded.
· Incremental Backups
In contrast to full backups, incremental backups will only include files that have been changed since the last backup into the next backup run. In most situations this leads to greatly reduced disk space and bandwidth requirements and also speeds up the backup process considerably.
· Backup Scheduler
A detailed backup schedule can be set up for each backup job, for example AeternaBackup can automatically run the backup job after booting the system, before system shutdown or at any other user-defined time of the day. In addition you can specify the exact weekdays on which this schedule will be in effect.
· Customizable Backup Jobs
AeternaBackup uses Backup Jobs to define the scope of a backup run, each job definition contains a list of folders that must be backed up, and a number of include/exclude filters. Backup Jobs also contain a number of other backup related settings, like compression, scheduling or log file creation. Backup Jobs are defined as XML documents and can be also be created by third-party applications.
· Small Client Footprint
The AeternaBackup Client Software is a native Windows application and has an exceptionally small footprint and consumes very few system resources. Because of its multi-threaded design the AeternaBackup Client offers excellent performance and takes full advantage of modern CPUs.
· Disk-Based Storage
AeternaBackup was designed as a pure backup-to-disk solution, avoiding all the shortcomings of conventional tape backup systems and offering a number of advantages. Disk-based backup systems are scalable and very cost-effective, modern disk drives offer excellent performance and reliability that easily beats conventional tape media.
· Self-Extracting Archives
If needed, the AeternaBackup Client can create self-extracting archives which can be used to distribute a backup set to users without access to AeternaBackup. Self-extracting archives can be password-protected.
· Backup Expiry
The expiry date of backups is a server-side setting and can be controlled by the server administrator, once an archive has reached its expiry date it will automatically be deleted from the server. There is one exception however, the most recent version of a backup series is always kept on the backup server, without regard to its expiry date, this ensures that the most recent backup can always be restored.
· Backup Accounts
AeternaBackup uses an account system to control all access to the AeternaBackup Server, each user who wants to use the backup system needs to have a valid backup account. Setting up a backup account can be done server-side by an administrator, it is also possible to enable remote account creation so potential backup users can create their own accounts as needed.
· Log Files
AeternaBackup can create extensive HTML log files of all backup operations (client-side), the backup server can also generate a daily e-mail report containing all backup activities.
· Network Error Recovery
The AeternaBackup client uses a checksumming algorithm which is integrated into the backup protocol, offering protection against corrupted network packets or other transmission errors.
· Bandwidth Limiting
To avoid using up all available network bandwidth, you can assign a bandwidth limit to the AeternaBackup Server, which will then control the speed at which backups are received.
· Security Measures
IP filters can be used to grant only a specific range of IP addresses access to the backup server. In addition, backups are protected by account security, each user has access to his own backups only. If needed, the administrator can revoke the right to restore or delete backups from certain users.
· Client Updates
The AeternaBackup Client can automatically update itself by downloading a new client version from the backup server, but only if the current user has sufficient permissions to do so.
· Remote Administration
Key backup server functionality can be accessed from a remote location by using the Server Administration Tool. This includes features like backup job management, user management and server configuration.


AeternaBackup Requirements:

· Server:
· 1 GHz processor
· 512 MB RAM (1 GB or more recommended)
· TCP/IP network connectivtiy
· High capacity and performance disk drive(s)
· Client:
· 500 MHz processor
· 256 MB RAM
· TCP/IP network connectivtiy
· 5 MB hard disk space


AeternaBackup Limitations:

· 30 Day Trial


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AeternaBackup security information

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AeternaBackup is a network file backup solution for both enterprise and small business environments. This software allows you to create a central backup server within your own network, which is used by the AeternaBackup client to store its archives. AeternaBackup uses disk-based storage technology, and comes with an easy-to-use interface and many powerful features data compression, incremental backups, and encrypted communication.


Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista


30-day trial


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