Automatically Backup To External Hard Drive Software

Automatically Backup To External Hard Drive Software

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Automatically Backup To External Hard Drive Software

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Developer’s Description

By Sobolsoft
This software offers a solution to users who want to backup one or more files or folders to external hard drives at specified intervals. Timing of backups is highly customizable with the ability to set backups to occur at any second, minute, hour, day or week interval. By default the program will copy files into the root folder of the external drive but you can specify which subfolder to create and copy to as well. Also subfolders can be dynamically created based on the date so you can have a collection of backups (rather than a single backup) spanning multiple days. There are options to load the software on Windows startup and in the system tray

Why need automatically backup files to external hard drive?

When was the last time you backed up the important files on your computer? Three months ago when your friend called in tears that she lost her thesis because of computer failure? Maybe it is longer. You know the importance of system backup, while files backup cannot be ignored, either, especially to backup those significant documents, office files, and irreplaceable photos.

Computer failure, hardware conflict, hard drive fails, or hacker invade is a fact of computer life. It’s not a matter of whether or not your computer will encounter these problems, it’s a matter of when. As for the destination backup path, you can backup files to internal hard drive or external hard drive or the like for better protection. The latter way avoids the data loss caused by system disk failure or system meltdown.

You know the importance of backing up, how about automatically backup? We all are busy with various stuff, work, family, friends, school, etc. It is hard to promise we can remember to do backup for each modifying. But with the help of a schedule or auto task, it becomes a piece of cake. And it saves you much time and effort as well as protect your precious memory.

How to automatically backup files to external hard drive

Usually, Windows backup utility can do a regular backup, such as, Backup and Restore, File History. Both of them allows you to automatically backup files to external hard drive. Also, there are many useful third-party software can do this, AOMEI Backupper Standard, for example. Then, which one should you choose to schedule backup files? Please stay for a while and check the difference among them, then make a decision.

Backup and Restore is able to backup files saved in libraries, on the desktop, and in default Windows folders. Also, you can choose whether or not to include a system image in the backup task. In addition, you can choose to backup specific files or partition on the disk. It supports daily/weekly/monthly schedule backup.

File History is designed to backup files or folders in the user folder, so you can only add files or folders you want to backup to that folder ahead of time. In Windows 10, you are allowed to backup specific folder by directly adding folders. It supports backing up files from every 10 minutes  to daily and saving multiple backup versions from 1 month to forever.

AOMEI Backupper  is an all-in-one backup software to backup files, partition, system, and disk per your needs. You can backup any files you want, from local disk, external disk, USB drive or network path. It supports multiple schedule settings and other backup options, such as, daily, weekly, monthly, incremental backup, normal or hight compression level, etc.


External hard drive backup software allows protecting data against different losses and incidents. Backup to external hard drive reduces the risk of system failures, uses cheap data storage for backup, as well as allows physically moving data between computers, avoiding potential risks of network attacks.






Verdict: This is one of the best online backup software for external hard drive. It can restore your valuable data and copy it to a new device in the most hopeless cases, including damage, erasing, loss, or some form of corruption. It can be used in more standard situations to copy information and save it for the future.

Users can apply filters and search options to sieve out a particular format or even several different at once. All the obtained data will retain its original properties during the recovery process.

Backup software helps you to create copies of files, database, and hard drive that prevents your data loss. This software restores original contents when data loss occurs.

Following is a list of top backup tools with popular features and latest download links. This list contains open source as well as commercial tools.


  • Looking for an external hard drive backup solution to be permanently safe about your data? Consider our software solutions list below.
  • External hard drives are very efficient for anyone who needs backup storage, so insufficient space will not be a problem.
  • However, in case you experience PC crashes at some point, backup software for your external drive comes in handy.

Summary :

How to automatically back up files to an external hard drive in Windows 10? The best automatic backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker can easily establish automatic file backup. Other than that, two built-in Windows 10 backup tools are also introduced for automatic data backup.

Time to Secure your Valuable Data

Data presents itself as the most important resource of the modern digital era. The importance of the data has been brought on growth and innovation within digital devices. Most data can be quantified because of it being digital, which explains its significance. Because of this newly profound value, it’s important to keep the data secure.
Several unwanted events can damage the source of where the user is storing the data. The source can be any digital device. Keeping this data secure means keeping a backup plan for your important data. Many backup plans exist that you can choose based on your requirements. Your requirements can be to understand where the data getting backed up is really secure. In this whitepaper, we will explain different approaches you can adopt to securely back up your data present in external hard drives.

Understanding Backup Plans for your External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive – Backup plans can be resourceful in helping preserve your valuable data. Since most information today is kept on digital devices, it can be vulnerable to unwanted events. These unwanted events can result in damage to your hard drive, software corruption or even theft. It’s almost impossible to list down all of the scenarios that can result in a possible loss of data.

Backup plans thus help prepare for data loss by giving you the ability to keep a copy. A number of backup options exist today to help facilitate users. All of these options differ in how they work. It’s important to know the number of options that exist, to know which one suits your purpose.

Users can first start by understanding what they need and then choose from the number of backup options that exist. This means understanding the pros and cons of each choice. The backup options depend on the source of data storage, which in this case is an external hard drive.

How To Install?

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