Call Center Scheduling Template for Microsoft Excel

Call Center Scheduling Template for Microsoft Excel

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Our labor scheduling spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel provide a simple, inexpensive and flexible approach to staff scheduling that can be used in many industries. By providing this solution in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, we have been able to provide excellent functionality and, at the same time, allow the typical user who is familiar with Excel, to enhance, tailor and extend the scheduling spreadsheet to meet their specific needs.

The Call Center version of the spreadsheet supports staffing plans in a call center environment where staffing needs are based upon projected call volumes. The call center version of the scheduling spreadsheet allows you to enter daily projected call volumes and to derive a weekly staffing plan directly from these numbers. The spreadsheet incorporates support for staffing based on hourly call rates, target call answer times, required service levels and staff shrinkage using the Erlang-C algorithm. It also allows for manual adjustments to the output of these calculations so that the results can be fine tuned.n this comprehensive tutorial we’ll show you how to create a call center performance template in Excel. Our Objective. Build a one-page call center template for tracking the actual status of kpis and design a user friendly contextual help for better UX using a VBA macro.. Before we start, we’ll introduce you the most used indicators in our example.

Before you start creating your schedule in Excel, you need to survey your staff and see if they have any work preferences that can help you to make the process more convenient and less stressful. This is especially true when scheduling restaurant, call center, retail or healthcare workers for example – employees who have constantly changing and irregular work schedules.

See if you have any employees with certain preferences. Do they prefer weekends or weekdays? Days or nights? If you have this information available to you ahead of time, you are going to be able to enter the process anticipating potential scheduling problems and conflicts. It’s basically going to allow you to make a schedule with less stress.

Of course, there are always going to be changes that you are going to have to make and you’ll hardly ever be able to create a perfect schedule with your first draft. But if you have this information ahead of time, there’s definitely going to be less headaches for you in the long run.

You’re not going to be able to accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences all of the time, but asking them about their preferences ahead of time helps to build trust and gives your employees a feeling of being included in the process. Employees really appreciate it when they can have their say in the scheduling process.

This powerful mix between a software program and an Excel spreadsheet allows you to assign agent shifts (shift lengths, breaks, lunches, vacation time, team meetings, etc) to maximize call center coverage.

  • Our schedule simulator lets you know when you need additional coverage, even before you generate schedules.
  • Custom shifts, you define the length and number of breaks, and let the software maximize coverage, strategically assigning break/lunch times to maximize coverage.
  • Each agent can have either a set start time each day, or you can assign a “start window” where the system will assign the start time for the day based on scheduling needs.
  • See predicted Service Levels and ASA based on current staffing levels.
  • Huge amount of customization and familiar feel due to Excel’s open source
  • Easy reporting of assigned shifts by emailing shift details to agents with a click of the button or print out for team leads and agent use.
  • Generate schedules against required agents.
  • Determine intraday adjustments based on how volumes are coming in.
  • Determine Fixed schedules or variable start times.
  • Compare actual staffing needs to forecasted.
  • Integrated Dashboard shows staffing charts and forecasted volumes vs actuals.
  • Determine length of time between breaks.
  • Can schedule queues of up to 150 agents (500 agent version available as well).

Save money and still hit your Service Levels by maximizing agent coverage, knowing how much PTO you can grant (preapproved or even same day), and what times of day you can pull agents off the phones for Team Meetings and Trainings.  Be efficient and take more calls with less agents.

Can be used for either call, email, or chat volumes.

Please note, this piece of software is based in Microsoft Excel.  You need to own Excel (sold separately) to use this file, and Outlook if you wish to automatically e-mail out shift details to agents instead of printing out a copy.

This product comes with an hour and a half long video detailing scheduling, intraday management, and how to use this product.

Upon completing item checkout, item can be downloaded immediately and/or via a link sent to your email address (up to 3 downloads according to licensing.

In this article, we’ve gathered all the best work scheduling templates to provide you with the most comprehensive listing, so you can meet your employee scheduling and time management needs. Included on this page, you’ll find a downloadable employee schedule templateweekly work schedule templatework rotation schedule template, and more in Excel and Word formats. We’ve also provided work schedule templates in Smartsheet, a real-time work execution platform that makes planning and tracking your schedules easier and more collaborative than Excel.

International BPO’s and call centers usually have their staff work in shifts. Maintaining a proper schedule of the staff’s shift is of the essence when running a call center. For this purpose, we have the perfect shift schedule templates. These ready to use and custom made sample schedule templates come in a variety of interesting formats with the option to fill in the shift timing, the employee names and other important information. If you run a business and are using excel to roster your employees, then you know just how difficult it can be to build an excel scheduling template that’s user friendly.

To help, we’ve created six free roster templates, and they are just what you need. We have a Simple Free Roster Template for quick use and weekly overview, an Advanced Free Excel Roster Template with greater detail and functionality, and a 7 / 14 / 21 Day Roster Template. We also have a Mobile Roster Template, and a word doc roster template!

By downloading the free employee roster templates, you’ll be able to create and publish employee schedules easily. You’ll also be able to view when staff members are working and in what positions across your business.

Our free roster template even lets you forecast your labour costs to make sure you stay within budget. Now you can enjoy free company rosters for life.

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