Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver

Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver

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Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver brings a merry atmosphere of X-mas holidays to your desktop. It shows a branch of the Christmas tree decorated with bells and other ornaments. The tree stands in the centre of the town square and you can see how ornaments reflect the surroundings. The screensaver has a soft melody creating a proper mood for the upcoming celebrations and you can also set your own tunes. Enjoy the screensaver full of Christmas spirit.Christmas decorations, including bells, balls, angels, candy canes and more, hang from the branches of a Christmas tree. The camera slowly rotates around the scene as the wind animates the decorations and a snowman and warm lights are seen in the background. Music is included, but you can optionally make a playlist using your own audio files instead.

No element is more identifiable with Christmas than the eponymously named Christmas tree. Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver is a great app to have around the holidays so that you may showcase your spirit of the season.

A beautifully crafted animated wallpaper and screensaver

The visuals are breathtaking even by today’s standards: the 3D models are well rendered, with textures that are of the highest quality, being coupled with realistic reflections and pixel shading. The animations are smooth and realistic, making you believe what you are looking at are real Christmas decorations. The chimes of bells and light-hearted music add to that already-present holiday feeling, creating an overall spectacle of Christmas delight. Even the fine details impress, like the way the background is out of focus as if the camera was concentrating on filming the decorations in the foreground.

An app that is resource-efficient

Despite the visuals, the app does not encounter FPS drops or cause other system issues, in neither screensaver nor animated wallpaper mode. But for those of you running this app on older systems, countering the effects of any performance issues can be done through the “Settings” menu, by adjusting or disabling some of the features.  For example, you may disable the hight texture quality, light blooming, or even the pixel shading. Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver can be used on any monitor since it has an adjustable aspect ratio, resolution, and even supports multi-monitor systems. If you are not pleased with the music, you may lower its volume, disable it, or replace it altogether with music from your own library.

A good app to have around Christmas

With the help of impressive visuals, Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver makes itself a must have for any Christmas enthusiast to have around the holiday season.

The holidays are closer than you think! Is your home ready for the holidays? The Christmas Bells screensaver might be just what you need to bring more holiday spirit into your life. A cheerful music will bring more excitement about the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.

On your screen, you will see a close up look of the Christmas decorations as you go around to view them from all angles. A garland from red Christmas trees, a big and shiny golden bell on a red ribbon, blue, red and purple Christmas balls with interesting ornaments on them, a gorgeous white angel seems as if he is flying in the air, wrapped presents and other toys will rejoice you with their beauty.

In the background, you will see a blurry image of homes lit with Christmas lights and covered with snow, a smiling snowman and the street lamp, that looks like antique lantern, is decorated with a wreath with a big red bow. Light snowflakes slowly twirling around will remind you that each and every one of them is unique and demonstrate how wonderful the nature is.

Although you can see only one branch of this gorgeously decorated Christmas tree in this screensaver, it will make you to look at it from a different point of view. You will no longer be just looking at the overall picture the Christmas decor creates but will be able to examine each little piece in detail.

Just like with the Christmas tree, we often only look at the whole picture and forget about the little details that make up each and every person, our day and our whole life. With this screensaver, you will not only take a closer look at the Christmas décor, but can also look closer at your experiences and find the best moments in this day or this year and realize how much you can be thankful for.

Christmas season! A time to let your everyday troubles go and feel happy.
The Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver brings a Christmas tree right to your desktop.

Do you remember, or do you still have all those Christmas ornaments that many people consider “old fashioned”? Do you like Christmas trees? Do you like all the ornaments that go with it? Do you like the sound of bells hanging from the branches? This beautiful screensaver brings not the usual scene of a Christmas tree in the middle of a room. It shows a close-up view of its branches. Every branch is beautifully decorated with stars, angels, bells, and more.

The graphics are excellent and of very high quality. You can even see the reflection of what is around the tree on the ornaments. You will be able to notice that the tree is in the middle of the town square. You will also see the houses and even trees around the place.

The Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver comes with beautiful soft music to accompany the scene and help create the real Holiday Spirit. Or, if you prefer, you can add your own music to really move your feelings.

This great screensaver will really bring Christmas to your desktop all year long!

There is no longer a need for Christmas to flood your entire Christmas spirit, then, simply by installing this screensaver called Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver, you will be impregnated with all the essence and charm of Christmas.

What Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver shows you is a beautiful, traditional and beautiful Christmas tree adorned with the typical bells of different colors, all of them very cute and beautiful. Although the most interesting is the music they produce when they sound all together, typically Christmas melody, of course.

For the correct operation of Christmas Bells 3D Screensaver you need to have DirectX 8.0 or higher installed beforehand.

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