Desktop Max by The Weather Channel

Desktop Max by The Weather Channel

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Desktop Max by The Weather Channel

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Get instant access to your local temperature and customizable severe-weather alerts. Desktop Max includes themes that change with the weather, an exclusive Mini Mode screen, 45-hour forecasts, 5 saved locations, and interactive maps. All with no ads provided by the most trusted source in weather, The Weather Channel. Version 6.00.04 includes unspecified updates.

With The Weather Channel Desktop, you can now view weather information for your city or anywhere you may be going right on your computer’s desktop.

The Weather Channel is one of the most reputable sources for weather details in the world. While you can watch the network on your television or visit its website, this app helps you get the info you need in a more convenient way. The app has a simple layout and lets you select the location you want to read about. It can also automatically detect your current location and show you the current temperature and weather conditions.

Not only does this app tell you the current temperature, but it also tells you what it really feels like outside. It also tells you the humidity level and wind conditions. If you need to know about the pollen count or other information because of allergies, you can access those details via this app too. When planning a vacation or business trip, enter a new city or zip code to view weather details about that location. It will even show you the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

One of the best features about this app is that it runs quietly in the background and won’t get in the way of anything you need to do on your computer. Once you finish the download process, you’ll see a new icon appear on your desktop. Simply double click on that icon to launch the app. Customized features let you keep the details about two different locations stored on hand and lets you change the look and layout of the app.

Similar to The Weather Channel app available for phones, this one lets you view current weather conditions, see the forecast for the coming hours, and view the forecasts for the upcoming days. The app shows you predicted forecasts for the next five to 10 days.

The downside is that it comes loaded with a new toolbar and other features. You’ll need to manually select which programs you want installed before you download it. It also has a somewhat clunky format that not everyone will like, and it doesn’t automatically alert you of severe weather conditions in your area like the phone version does. As The Weather Channel Desktop loads quickly though, it’s one of the best ways to keep an eye on the weather in your area.

The Weather Channel Desktop is a software solution that brings the local temperature along with detailed forecasts and severe weather alerts straight on your desktop.

The interface is similar to a screen that shows the current temperature for your default location, as well as other meteorological parameters such as humidity, pressure and wind. In addition, The Weather Channel Desktop displays the dew point, visibility, moon phase, sunset and sunrise times.

Last but not least, the application provides users with a quick overview for the next three hours, three days or the upcoming weekend, displaying not only the forecast temperature but also chances of precipitations.

An interesting feature of the program is the built-in System Tray icon that keeps users up to date with local temperature but, unfortunately, customization options are completely missing. You cannot change background or text colors at all, so you’re stuck with a white font on a blue background.

There is a settings menu as well that enables you to configure locations and alert options, but also offers access to a pretty rich theme center with a lot of different skins.

Of course, you can configure the app to work with both Fahrenheit and Celsius units, play alert sounds, animate the Weather Today area when Desktop starts and show tooltips or not.

There’s no doubt that The Weather Channel Desktop is a very handy tool, but it still needs some improvements in many key areas, especially in the way the weather forecast is presented to the user.

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The Weather Channel was launched in May 1982; the weather news cable and satellite channel is co-owned by a consortium shared by NBC Universal, Bain Capital and The Blackstone Group. NBC is the major shareholder with 25% of the total shares; the possession of the other two is not exactly known. The news channel has its headquarters in Cumberland, Georgia. The audience share of the channel estimated is over 97.3 million national domestic households. After getting dropped by the Verizon FiOS,it lost the title to HLN; however, the channel is still second most watched weather channel in the states. TWC broadcasts weather news, analysis, special reports and entertainment programming related to the weather i.e. movies and documentaries etc. Many of the terrestrial and satellite radio stations, online news platforms and newspapers are served by the resources and content of the channel.


  • Provides convenient and accurate weather details with a double click of your mouse
  • Lets you view details for two different locations
  • Loads in mere seconds
  • Shows temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Offers pollen count and other information for those with allergies


  • Lacks automatic weather alerts
  • Has a clunky design
  • Certain features are only available in the United States
  • Comes with a new toolbar and other programs you may not want


Version 6.00.04 includes unspecified updates.

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