Flow Architect Studio 3D

Flow Architect Studio 3D

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Pixeplan Flow Architect Studio 3D is a software package that enables a way to create interactive 3D visualization – virtual walks. Created visualizations are like a computer program, located in one file and are suitable for further distribution and publication on the website. In Pixeplan Flow Architect Studio 3D You can quickly and easily create a visualization of any object, You have to keep the facilities built preview (WYSIWYG),You have the ability to build any walls and create custom objects, and deploy them freely , You can arrange the lighting in a natural way , And create animations of selected geometric objects, you can use libraries of models, materials and textures, You can generate the final visualization from Your project in a simple way, and you can import new models for libraries.Flow Architect Studio 3D is a 3D element creation tool featuring a simple and effective WYSIWYG interface – What you see is what you get.

Thanks to that kind of interface, you’ll be able to create any kind of object and you’ll alwaysknow the results.

No matter if you are going to create a circle or a compelex structure with illumianation and shadows, Flow Architect Studio 3D will be really helpful and results are great.

Choose whether to start from zero or import libraries and preset files to work with them.

Flow Architect Studio 3D offers a good alternative to create plans, objects, structures, etc in a not-so-difficult way. Give it a try.

Flow Architect Studio 3D is a program with which you can create virtual spaces in three dimensions so as to be able to take virtual walks, something that can come in very handy for those people that work on the design of houses or open spaces, or decoration, for example.

Design 3D architectural models

The program has a library of objects, as well as a series of tools with which you will be able to design the environment that you want because it is possible to create walls, houses or to place all kinds of furniture wherever you want. Moreover, this tool has various utilities with which you will be able to apply light effects and shadows, create reflections and use certain kinds of textures, so as to be able to provide realism to each of the areas developed.

Once you develop your virtual space you’ll be able to export it in EXE format so that anybody will have the chance to move around it.

It’s possible that you may find this tool rather complex to start off if you haven’t used this kind of program beforehand because some of the options it offers are difficult to understand. Discover the most complete way to develop virtual spaces in three dimensions, thanks to Flow Architect Studio 3D.

Flow Architect Studio 3D is a fully-featured application designed to help you create 3D visualizations.

The user interface is crowded and may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance, as you don’t know where to get started with the designing process. However, in order to make the most out of every single built-in function, you should rely on the documentation and useful tutorials.

Flow Architect Studio 3D gives users the possibility of creating different projects which may include objects created from scratch or inserted from the application’s library. The primary panel is divided into four graphs which allow users to apply editing capabilities for setting up the geometry of the objects.

What’s more, you can select a background color for the layout, block sides, surfaces, lights, actors, models and many other options. The application enables users to clone, move, rotate, customize the position and size of the selected objects, as well as isolate a three-dimensional area from a map.

Applying background layers can be done by specifying the translation, rotation and scale value for each layer. You can also measure the distance between two points in the map, thanks to its built-in ruler, or use the auto measurement feature.

It is possible to draw convex, non-convex or rectangular blocks and perform different operations, such as cutting the overlapping blocks, merging several blocks into a single one, splitting and moving them. You may add new light points and particle emitters, as well as embed actors by selecting them from a preset list and placing them on the map.

The program provides various materials and models to choose from, that can be customized in terms of site, rotation angle and brightness value. All unnecessary adjustments can be rolled back pretty easily.

It automatically saves the projects at a specified time interval and exports the final visualizations to EXE or O4C file format.

Overall, Flow Architect Studio 3D comes packed with many dedicated parameters for designing 3D visualizations. Unfortunately, the GUI is not intuitive and you may spend some time trying to figure out how this program works.

Flow Architect Studio 3D is an advanced and feature-packed application which offers you the possibility to create and edit 3D presentations. The program lets you view in 3D various scenes, such as interiors, buildings, spaces, products, and many others.

Flow Architect Studio 3D lets you easily and quickly generate 3D presentations for your products. You can also import models of your products into the apopli9cation in order to simplify your work.

Flow Architect Studio 3D enables you to easily publish your work on the Internet. The program supports O4C files which can be visualized with the aid of a O4C web browser extension. The O4C files can be also uploaded to the O4C Tube service or embedded into your website. In addition, the program lets you create CubeWalk 3D walkthroughs that can be viewed with the HTML5 CubeWalk viewer.

Flow Architect Studio 3D lets you generate virtual 3D walkthroughs. You can create your map, place Player actors, animate doors, and much more.

Flow Architect Studio 3D can be also used as a CAD editor. The program lets you create surfaces and blocks, place light and models, and much more. The program comes with rich libraries of materials, models, or other design elements that can be easily used in your projects. By using this application you will have the possibility to easily design your apartment, test prototype building layouts, view various furniture settings, test design concepts, and much more.

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