LV Information System

LV Information System

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LV Information System

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LV Information System Editor’s review

FromLV-Stav:LV Information System is a software for companies to have a complete view of economic activities. You can easily monitor the company data also with graphs, which are showing the company results, in current version the graphs are working with Invoices and Expenses. If you have a larger inventory, LV Information System will help you a lot. You can add all the items you have in your inventory, also wich pictures of them, location. With our program you have a complete info about data of your employees, also with their pictures, positions, salaries

Developer’s Description

LV Information System is a software for companies to have a complete view of economic activities. You can easily monitor the company data also with graphs, which are showing the company results, in current version the graphs are working with Invoices and Expenses. If you have a larger inventory, LV Information System will help you a lot. You can add all the items you have in your inventory, also wich pictures of them, location. With our program you have a complete info about data of your employees, also with their pictures, positions, salaries. Some of the fields are not visible for everybody, for example their access data as login, password and their salaries. You can easily modify all these data in the administratition zone. On the left side of the program you can add any notes you don’t want to forget, and these are visible on the all pages of the program. You can also easily personalise the navigation bar with layout colours and height. The program LV Information System is able to work with a server, so when you have more or a large number of employees, they can all work with the same database located on the server. When the data are modified, software is saving the info, who was submitting these data. The database which the LV Information System is working with is encrypted with a password, so it can be manually opened just by those, who knows it. It will get you rid of the data loss. LV Information System is a software for companies to have a complete view of economic activities.
L V INFORMATION SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Company, who was incorporated 18 Year(s) 5 Month(s) 10 Day(s) ago on dated 26-Sep-2003 . L V INFORMATION SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies located in ROC-DELHI. As regarding the financial status on the time of registration of L V INFORMATION SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Company its authorized share capital is Rs. 1000000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 1000000.
As Per Registration of Company, It involves under in Business Activity Class / Subclass Code 72900, Main Activity of the said Company L V INFORMATION SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED is : , Other computer related activities [for example maintenance of websites of other firms/ creation of multimedia presentations for other firms etc.], It Comes Under Division COMPUTER AND RELATED ACTIVITIES and this come under scetion REAL ESTATE, RENTING AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES.

Information systems is a strategic position, assisting all departments. If this is where your
talents are best expressed, where your skills contribute not only to developing solutions
and shared processes, but also to the design, development and maintenance of avantgarde applications, then ambitious interdepartmental and international projects await you:
make your career the most daring of all journeys.

Organizing and managing your firm can prove to be a challenging task since there are a lot of aspects you need to take into consideration.
LV Information System is one of the many solutions meant to help you simplify your job, no matter if it is related to managing employees, products, clients or expenses.

Neatly organized GUI

The application comes with a neat user interface that makes it easy for you to explore the sample records and understand all the features.Once you enter the default login credentials specified on the developer’s homepage, you can view the main dashboard where a summary of logged data is presented.More precisely, you can examine details about the last added customer, as the company name or the number of employees, along with the total number of available invoices or of items in the inventory.

Manage customers, employees or invoices

When it comes to keeping an eye on all data related to your clients, you can create a comprehensive database specifying their company’s ID and name, their full names and address, contact details or billing account.Creating a list with all your employees means that you can track information like name, job position, contract type, gross income, manager’s name and department. You can also enter the social security number and assign a relevant picture to each personnel record.Managing invoices implies a great deal of attention to details, as you need to specify not only the customer ID, invoice number and due date, but also name of product, unit amount, total amount to be paid and tax percentage.

Create an expense database

Another useful function of LV Information System is setting up a database of expenses, thus making it easier for you to keep an eye on them. You need to start by filling in all the needed fields, such as expense ID, name, type and quantity, tax percentage, paid amount of money and name of service. Once this step is completed, you can search for a certain entry, or you can sort all records by a specific column header. To sum it up, LV Information System can come in handy to all those who want to make sure their business is running smoothly and that all aspects are efficiently managed.

Business-IT Alignment Enables Louis Vuitton to Harness the Value of Technology


Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), a world leader in high-quality products, possesses a unique portfolio of over 60 prestigious global brands and is active in five different sectors: wines and spirits, fashion and leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, and selective retailing (Sephora, Starboards Cruise Services and Bon Marché).


Urgent Need to Equip IT Professionals beyond Technical Skills

IT is vital for organizations looking for ways to improve business results. Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) recognized that their IT professionals needed the knowledge and skills to share information and best practices across the five sectors or “maisons” that each of the LMVH brands represent. The luxury brand’s goal was to align their IT departments.

The LVMH central CIO Group performed a wide-scale audit and determined that there were significant gaps in business skills such as communications, change management, teamwork, IT strategy and project management – all the skills required for IT leaders to keep up with the changing expectations of business stakeholders.

In order to remain competitive, the company created a new IT competency model and job descriptions that embraced more soft skills, business skills and IT best practices. As a result, the company needed a learning partner to create a completely customized, business-school caliber program to help employees develop the newly identified skills and competencies in IT.


Creation of the LVMH IT Academy

Global Knowledge was selected to develop the LVMH IT Academy to serve hundreds of employees across multiple sectors. The academy consisted of four, three-day modules covering a variety of soft skills, business and IT best practice topics such as:

  • Communications
  • Business and IT strategy
  • Change management
  • Customer service orientation
  • Portfolio, program and project management
  • IT governance
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Teamwork and effectiveness

The completely customized program was built around core Global Knowledge models and content, leading-edge research in fields such as business strategy and included guest speakers from the University College of London, one of the top-ranked universities in the world.


IT Academy Builds Momentum Globally

Chief information officers, chief technology officers, business demand managers, and other IT leaders from across the LVMH global organization participated in the IT Academy. Specifically:

  • Over 120 participants from over 25 LVMH brands at sites across Europe including Paris, Madrid and Rome.
  • One-hundred percent of participants “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that they would recommend the IT Academy to their colleagues and that it will help them be more effective in their jobs.
  • LVMH continues to invest in the IT Academy with new cohorts beginning yearly

Ultimately, the academy enabled participants to collaborate with their peers based at LVMH offices worldwide. IT employees were able to share best practices that were later adopted by multiple “maisons” to save costs and improve efficiency.

At the cutting edge of technological change, innovation and applications, you develop solutions compatible with the strategy of the Maison. Your skills will range across a variety of IT applications and tools which serve both external and internal clients. In your role as business partner you will work with all our métiers including creation, manufacturing, support functions, retail and client experience.


  • Agility
  • Uncompromising attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Curiosity about new technologies
  • Addressing business and métier challenges with common sense and pragmatism
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Change management
  • Team player


  • Project management in the form of project owner assistance
  • Business solutions
  • Infrastructures
  • IT networks and security
  • Architecture
  • Data & Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • VR / AR, etc.
  • Agile development methods


New graphical user interface. Fixed bugs.
  • Clean data about all your customers.
  • You can add all your invoices also with scanned images.
  • All your inventory items with huge details.
  • Complete Employees data with editable accesses.
  • Complete overview of your expenses.

How To Install?

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