RSIGuard Stretch Edition

RSIGuard Stretch Edition

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RSIGuard Stretch Edition

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Velcro wrist braces. Padded keyboard rests. Office chairs like beach balls on steroids. All ergonomically designed to prevent and treat workplace repetitive strain injuries (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome caused by sitting and typing all day, every day. One of the best things you can do about RSI is to make the problem part of the solution. RSIGuard Stretch Edition collects a variety of ergonomic tools in one easy-to-use package. Its Break Timer uses realistic models to suggest stretch breaks when you need them and leave you alone when you don’t. The AutoClick tool cuts down on mouse clicks, and the KeyControl’s macros help reduce keystroke. The DataLogger’s statistics can help you understand how and when you use your PC, and handy ForgetMeNots issue regular reminders about posture, stretching, and other ergonomic aids. RSIGuard is free to try for 45 days.

Setting up RSIGuard starts with creating a Personal Profile by checking off answers to a series of questions about your work habits, computer use, break time preferences, and so on. We could enable Microbreaks, define Work Restrictions, run a Device Survey, and change our settings at any time via the Setup menu. A small interface and system tray icon handle control duties. The Break Timer appeared on schedule and displayed optional stretch exercise videos. RSIGuard gave us lots of options for responding to its Break Needed messages, including starting our break time anyway even when we didn’t respond, which is sort of like showing yourself who’s boss, and exactly what entirely too many people need. We could also enable stretch reminders, something else most people need. Pressing Skip Break ends your break early, but a motherly nag asks if work is more important than your health. Well, is it?

RSIGuard’s stated mission is to help you develop healthy work habits. Prevention is always better than treatment and has a better outcome, too. You probably spend way more time in front of your computer than you realize. And, as your mother would say, you’re slouching. Do the math, then break bad habits and make better ones with help from RISGuard.

Many ergonomists, physical therapists, and doctors believe that stretching during breaks can be beneficial for preventing repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or reducing RSI symptoms. With “RSIGuard Stretch Edition”, you can view video stretch demonstrations during your breaks to guide you through regular stretching throughout your day. You can optionally also listen to spoken descriptions of the stretches, which can be helpful since watching the screen is difficult while doing some of the stretches.

If you have no symptoms of RSI, then stretching may help you. If you have any symptoms of RSI, you should discuss the idea of stretching with your doctor or health professional before you begin stretching. You should absolutely never do any of these stretches if they cause you any pain.

To enable stretches during breaks, check Show Stretches During Breaks.

Next, select the number of stretches to be shown each break (the default is 3). If you want to hear instructions while stretches are being shown, check Speak Stretch Instructions Aloud (requires a sound card).

You can preview any of the stretches by clicking on the name of the stretch.

You can select stretches to show or not to show by checking or unchecking the stretch in the stretch list.

Stretches will be shown during breaks in the order listed. You can change the order by selecting a stretch, and using the “Move Stretch UP/DOWN” buttons to reposition the stretch.

Alternately, you can check Show Stretches in Random Order if you want stretches to always occur in a different order.

Finally, selecting Do start-of-workday warm up stretch will give you stretches to do when you first start using your computer each day.

Work-related injuries can occur in any workspace, from factories to call centers. For these latter office settings, which involve a lot of working from a still position, several digital aids have been developed to ensure workers do not sustain wrist, shoulder, or back injuries. RSIGuard Stretch Edition is just one such application that can be configured to display constant break reminders to employees.

However, the program can do much more than simply display notifications, as one can also record and view keyboard and mouse usage statistics. What’s more, the application can also remap hotkeys, thus allowing injured users to lessen the pressure put on certain muscles.

The tool features a highly intuitive, albeit lengthy wizard setup that will allow newcomers to configure the program to best suit their needs. Throughout this process, one can set up breaks tailor-made for one’s work habits and several modules can be employed to improve results.

For example, users can employ the “ForgetMeNots” and “ForgetMeNot_Reminders” tools to have a constant reminder concerning the correct posture one must have in an office environment. A notable feature is the ability to schedule break notifications and an informative animation instructs employees on how to carry out exercises.

Several complementary tools can be used to improve one’s overall health in an office environment, such as the “AutoClick” function, which removes the need to click the mouse buttons. Also, all working data is recorded, a great feature when considering professional services from a trained doctor.

To sum up, RSIGuard Stretch Edition is an asset for anyone working in an office environment, as it allows one to avoid work-related injuries. The application can be configured to display break reminders and multiple modules can be employed to reduce the strain put on employees’ body.

RSIGuard helps you avoid getting a repetitive strain injury (RSI) from computer use. RSIGuard’s BreakTimer feature contains a realistic strain model that gives stretch break suggestions when they’re needed, and doesn’t bother you when they’re not. The AutoClick feature eliminates shoulder and wrist pain from mouse usage. KeyControl lets you create effort-saving macros. DataLogger keeps track of useful statistics about how your work.


  • Rest break reminders that are timed based on how hard you actually work at the computer and your natural rest patterns- designed to be as unintrusive as possible
  • 31 animated video stretches shown during rest breaks
  • Microbreaks give you time to briefly relax, regain awareness of your posture and work patterns, and maintain awareness of how your body feels
  • Helps reduce fatigue and improve circulation
  • Ergonomic reminder messages keep you aware of how you are working at the computer
  • Tracking & reporting of key work statistics helps you understand how you use your computer
  • Online health status reporting helps you track the connection between work patterns and discomfort
  • Online ergonomic training teaches you the basics of healthy computing
  • Hotkeys & keyboard remapping reduce keyboard strain by reducing how many keys you press and relocating hard-to-press keys
  • KeyControl allows a user to perform mouse operations, open files or applications, type common text, or perform other repetitive tasks with a single keypress.
  • Optional automatic clicking (mouse click is simulated when you stop moving the mouse) eliminates strain associated with mouse clicking, works much better than alternative pointing devices or switching to your other hand.
  • Dynamic work restrictions help you follow a doctor-prescribed reduction in your exposure to computer strain
  • Highly customizable features with an easy-to-use setup-wizard and intelligent default settings
  • Flexible multi-user and network support lets you easily move from computer to computer, install on servers, intranets, etc.
  • Administrative-control functions for enterprise users
  • Easy to use


Version 4.0.38a has added a workaround to deal with Office 2003 bug.

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