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SMS Messaging Server

SMS messaging framework for sending, receiving, and processing SMS and e-mail messages. Supports SMPP (SMS messaging through the Internet, using an SMPP provider), GSM modems (including WaveCom, MultiTech, and Siemens) and GSM07.05 or GSM07.07 compliant phones (including Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, and Siemens). Trigger incoming messages and define custom actions by the use of the SMS Messaging Server API. Make your own custom projects, for instance to create a custom SMS voting system and a custom SMS reservation system. The VBScript scripting language is the default language for defining trigger in the SMS Messaging Server program. The ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server has a large install base, and is often used by television stations, radio stations, network operators, and e-commerce companies.

When an SMS message is sent, data travels along the provider network’s transmission lines to a server. The server reads the “to” and “from” data attached to the message and decides the best route and time to send the message to the recipient. This is called an SMS gateway and works in conjunction with a database to sort SMS messages. In order to build an SMS server, the same components must be in place: an SMS gateway to encode SMS data, a database to keep the data to and from each recipient organized and a Web server that acts as the transmission line between your SMS content, the SMS server components and the end recipients.

NowSMS is a powerful multi-protocol content delivery solution for SMS and MMS messaging.

NowSMS is a server software product that allows rapid deployment of these services with performance scalability that ranges from small test environments to full production mobile operator systems.

NowSMS is an SMS Server, MMS Server, WAP Push Proxy Gateway and Multimedia Messaging Center (MMSC).

NowSMS supports a wide range of SMS and MMS protocols, and simultaneous connectivity to multiple SMSC and/or MMSC connections.

Diafaan SMS Server is a text message software solution for Windows. It can be installed on a Windows server or on a PC or laptop to send and receive SMS messages with 4G/3G/GSM modems, Android phones, all online SMS services that support the SMPP standard and the HTTP API SMS services of BulkSMS, ClickSend, Clickatell, Esendex, MessageBird, Nexmo and Twilio.

The Auron SMS Server is an easy to use Windows application you can use to automatically send, receive and process SMSWhatsApp and E-mail messages.

Applications can use standard protocols such as HTTP, SMPP, SMTP and MM7 to interface with NowSMS, or they can use sample APIs provided for PHP, Java and command line interfaces. (For more information on these interfaces, please see our NowSMS APIs page.)

What is SMS? SMS has been in our lives for decades now, but the origins of the technology go back a little further than you might think.

In 1984, a German engineer by the name of Friedhelm Hillebrand along with a colleague Bernard Ghillebaert, begun work creating a system that would allow them to send messages through the telephone network using GSM standards.

Their research eventually paid off in the 1990s. The first-ever SMS was sent via the United Kingdom’s Vodafone GSM network. By the 2010s, hundreds of thousands of SMS messages were being sent every single second.

The technology has become a part of our daily lives, but there is one question many people have always wondered about. That is, “What is the difference between SMS and text messages?“

What does SMS mean? Well, it stands for Short Message Service, and it’s the most common form of text messaging used today. A single text message is limited to 160 characters including spaces.

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. It is the media variant of an SMS message that allows users to send images, videos, or audio via a traditional cellular network. This was a common way of sending pictures, also known as Picture Messages, to friends and colleagues before mobile applications began using mobile Internet networks to send larger files.

In the early days of the technology’s use, it was often referred to as “SMS.” The abbreviation was used as a noun, to describe the message. It was also used as a verb. It wasn’t uncommon to hear early cell phone users describe that they were “SMSing” a friend.

Initially, “SMS” was used to differentiate between other forms of electronic messaging, including email.

Users might only ever see the “SMS” used by their network provider. This is part of the reason why many people believe there is a difference between SMS and texts.

In everyday language, these messages are known as “texts”, and “SMS” has fallen out of common usage. This is true for the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world. Though, there are places in continental Europe that still use the saying: send me an “SMS”. In most modern usage, however, the term “text message” offers sufficient context to describe an SMS message. This is despite the existence of many other forms of electronic messaging.

 ExtraTxt is a new-generation reliable, robust, enterprise class SMS – Text Messaging software appliance developed by Extracomm to meet the modern day business needs for companies of any size. ExtraTxt empowers global reach to prospects and customers alike at a fraction of the effort and cost compared to voice communications. It allows you to substantially extend your sales, marketing, transaction processing, operations and logistics communications as well as system monitoring alert capabilities reaching out to a global audience, directly through your mobile carrier, SMS Centers (SMSC), or through Skype.

The Auron SMS Server is ideal for lots of simple to complex scenario’s. Some of which are:

  • Send out mass messaging campaigns
  • Automatically replying to- or forwarding messages
  • Send alerts in any message format
  • Use instant messaging to remotely control IT-infrastructure
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • SMS routing or SMSC applications

Key features

Some of the key features of the Auron SMS Server:

  • Full support for sending and receiving SMS using GSM, Android, secure SMPP (client and server) and HTTP
  • Full support for sending and receiving E-mail using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols
  • Send WhatsApp, Viber or RCS messages including media (picture) messages
  • Includes an easy to use option for sending out bulk mass mailings from any existing data-source (Database, Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc.. )
  • Open and well documented API for easy integration into any backend scenario
  • Has a connection to the Auron test and demonstration gateway preconfigured.
  • Multi-protocol SMS & MMS Message Hub/Switch
  • Mobile Operator MMSC
  • E-Mail to SMS and/or MMS Gateway
  • SMPP Proxy Server
  • High Performance SMS Gateway
  • High Performance MMS Gateway
  • 2-way SMS & MMS Application Enabler (HTTP, SMPP, MM7, Java, PHP, .NET)
  • SMS & MMS Gateway for GSM Modems + Android phones


Version 5.2 improves database migration wizards and SMPP configuration wizards and dialogs.

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